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Audit trail

Array Studio tracks all analysis steps done in a project, using its Audit Trail feature. This is important for many company s data integrity needs, and can also be used by the individual users to see what types of changes and procedures were made to the project and to rerun the exact analysis ran previously. To see the audit trail for the MicroArray tutorial project, go to File Menu | Audit Trail to open the Audit Trail window.

The Audit Trail can be accessed using the File | Audit Trail option. Open the Audit Trail window now.


The Audit Trail window contains two tabs: List and All Scripts.


The List tab shows a step-by-step list of everything that was performed. Clicking on an individual step shows the OmicScript for that step at the bottom. The OmicScript specifies input data and options that Array Studio needs to run the module. The List can be exported using the Export List button or the Save All scripts button.

Notice that for each step, an optional Description can be entered to describe what was done at that step and other comments.

Selecting an item in the List will provide the details for the script and also activate the Run Script button at the bottom of the window to allow the user to quickly rerun any script in the Audit Trail.

Switch to the All Scripts tab to view all the scripts of actions and changes made to your Project. It can also be exported at any time.

Notice that in the Script below that first a new project was created, followed by importation of Affymetrix CEL files and MAS report generation, etc.


Click Save button to save the current project. Close the Array Studio software by clicking on the red button on top right of the window or go to File Menu | Close.


Congratulations! You are done with the analysis. You can reopen this project later on to get back to the same state as you saved. This includes all views, filters, analyses, etc.

Thank you for using Array Studio.

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