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Analysis Modules

Besides visualization and summarization, Array Studio includes a number of different association analysis modules. However, for this tutorial, we will not use these modules, as the sample data does not fit with that type of analysis.

Array Studio includes modules for analyzing CNV data association under the CNV Menu as shown below. These include General Linear Model, Quantitative Trait, Categorical Trait, Survival Trait, and Repeated Measure Trait analysis modules. If user has quantitative trait, categorical trait, survival trait or repeated measure trait in the experiment, they can use appropriate modules for the association analysis.


For more information on what type of analysis should be performed on your data, consult a statistician or feel free to contact the Omicsoft support staff. You can always get details about every module in Array Studio by opening that module and clicking on the Help button on the bottom left of the window.

Congratulations! You have finished learning about the capabilities for analysis that can be done for CNV data in Array Studio. Feel free to contact Omicsoft support for help with any particular module.