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Release Notes

ArraySuite 10.0

Array Suite 10.0: Accelerating Bioinformatics Research For Ten Years

OmicSoft, now a QIAGEN company, is excited to announce Array Suite 10.0, the ten year anniversary release to its flagship software product. Array Suite provides the backbone of OmicSoft's software and data service offerings, including OncoLand, DiseaseLand and GeneticsLand. In the past ten years, Array Suite has helped numerous users from major pharma and biotech companies (as well as research instutitions) accelerate their bioinformatics and genomics research.

Founded in 2007, OmicSoft had a vision to focus on biomarker data management, visualization, and analysis. Array Suite (Array Studio and Array Server) differs from standard desktop solutions or open source solutions, with Array Studio providing the graphical user interface for NGS and OMIC analysis and visualization and Array Server providing the enterprise back-end solution for pipelines, project management, sample/file management, data storage and OMIC data warehouse (Land database). In January 2017, QIAGEN enhanced its portfolio with the acquisition of OmicSoft, allowing us to imagine new possibilities for integration with the larger QIAGEN bioinformatics portfolio. We will update everyone on these enhancements, and how they will benefit our users, in the near future.

"Although much has changed in the past ten years, in both software and the company itself, I'm proud that OmicSoft Corporation has remained unchanged it it's fundamental desire to implement useful tools, driven by our customer's needs, in the -OMICS space. I am confident that this will continue into the future with our acquisition by QIAGEN, and I look forward to many more years of Array Studio helping to drive exciting breakthroughs and research by our customers" - Matt Newman, VP Business Development

OmicSoft is extremely proud of it's customer-centric product development and customer support, and we look to continue this into the future, as we have for the past 10 years. With our latest update, this trend continues. Array Suite 10.0 includes revolutionary updates, with multiple technology breakthroughs including: Cloud-Based Lands, Single Cell RNA-Seq support, ENCODE integration and many other updates to both analytics and framework.

Here is a list of some of our exciting updates:

  • Cloud-Based Lands
  • Single Cell RNA-Seq support
  • ENCODE integration in Omicsoft genome browser
  • New gene set analysis
  • Streaming large tables
  • Smart labeling in multi-charts
  • Smart caching for cloud/HTTP bam sources
  • New analytic modules including variable selection and prediction
  • Significant improvements on plasmid-host integration
  • Various genome browser improvements